willy willy

willy willy


Sigourney Weaver  (Biagio Caravano /Daniela Cattivelli)

signs and objects by Edoardo Ciaralli

production: Xing

Willy Willy is the name of a strong wind that manifests itself in the Australian desert territories. It’s an intense vortex of air that produces a bizarre phenomenon known as dust devils: cones of sand and dust that rise towards the sky. Using the imagery conjured up by this hypothetical atmospheric turbulence, Sigourney Weaver develops a scenario inhabited by exploded symbolism, delineating an action zone that abstracts, delocalizes and transforms the identities that cross it. Willy Willy is a performance palimpsest punctuated by experimentation with bodily dynamics and unknown postures, generated by the collision of bodies with media representations, forms, materials, experiences, objects and transcultural fetishes. In a space populated by an overabundance of signs, with the awareness that contemporaneity is composed of stratifications and consists in coexistence, Willy Willy plays with the existence of a pseudo animistic unconscious that circulates among the physical presences on scene: the short-circuited junctions generate the forms and expressions of a sign guerrilla.