TREATISE Cornelius Cardew (1968)
Francesco Casciaro, sound objects and live electonics
Daniela Cattivelli, live electronics
Andrea Gozzi, electric guitar and live electronics
Salvatore Miele, laptop and live electronics

Treatise is a composition written by C. Cardew from 1963 to 1968. The pages of the score present a continuos weaving and interweaving of a plethora of graphic images whose aural implications are not specified in any way. Any number of musicians, using any istrumentation, are free to partecipate in an interpretation of the score and each musician is free to improvise and intepret it in his own way. The aim of Cardew (author of the paper Stockhausen serves imperialism) is to investigate relations between the score and the interpretation, erasing boundaries belonging to the traditional roles of the composer and musicians and share with them the responsability of the final form of the work.

This 2013 version conceived and prepared at Tempo Reale – the italian centre for music production, research and education based in Florence, founded in the 1987 by Luciano Berio – is a work on some pages of Treatise. This version integrate electronic and electroacustic sounds, mixing past, present and future of improvised music in a fearless stream of dialogue, contrast and heurism between differentes genres, traditions and sound sources: from laptop to electric guitar, from vintage sampler to sound objects.

Running: about 30 minutes
Venue: concert hall, theatre or unconventional