Garrulus Glandarius

Daniela Cattivelli _ live-set at the San Fedele Auditorium, Milan (02/28/2018) from Daniela Cattivelli on Vimeo.

Garrulus Glandarius _ for birdcalls and live electronics

Garrulus Glandarius is a sound performance generated by birdcalls used as devices able to activate a process of sound transfiguration.
My sound compositional idea is built around a mechanism of deception, an attempt at shifting something’s purpose, rethinking the technique and modality characterizing the way those instruments are used.
In birdwatching (the new frontier of the bucolic recreation) and in hunting, the birdcalls are the “sound baits” which reproduce the exact sing of the different birds. Garrulus Glandarius is not concerned with this imitative intent, nevertheless it pursues the idea of the “sound trap” and plays with the sonic falsification and camouflage. It doesn’t want to illustrate or describe the sound of nature, instead it wants to recreate a sonic environment that reminds the acousmatic experience of a walk in a wood, the disorientation that sounds with no real source or physical image can produce.

Garrulus Glandarius is part of larger project titled UIT, a modular project consisting in different blocks, each one developed as an independent sound performance.
UIT was born from a branch line of questions and curiosity grew around some specific sound objects -the bird calls; and the skill developed by the very unique kind of people practicing the language of birds in different contexts and for different reasons.

here you can read more about UIT project:


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