Dark Star

live audiovisual performance by Mylicon/en
Dark Star is a Mylicon/En project dedicated to the directorial debut of John Carpenter. Dark Star is a very low budget and “hand made” response to Kubrick’s “2001 A Space Odissey”. One single location, crazy special effect and 4 actors for a peculiar travel into deep space and a reflection on the relation between man and thecnologies. Mylicon/en likes to play on the same coordinates: deep space and concrete landscape depicted by “hand made” effects. Mylicon/en’s Dark Star is a live performance in wich we there is a very strong dialogue between the digital sounds, captured and realaborated live by laptop and sampler, and the live video is created with no video mixer, no laptop, no digital filter. As usual Mylicon/en created visual track during a live performance using just a videocamera connected directly with the video projector.

Lino Greco (visual) and Daniela Cattivelli (sound) created Mylicon/En in 2002. Mylicon/EN is a duo involved in experimental and alternative ways of conceiving audio-video live act, recovering performativity and concreteness through the use of analogical and mechanical devices in the production of images. Their works focus on the interaction between analog or mechanical devices with the digital realm.
Visual texture is manipulated according to sound. During their improvisations and creation sessions, they use many different common objects like glasses, plastics, water etc. to create visuals, while the audio is composed by pre-recorded music excerpts, re- edited and remixed with some sounds and noises produced by the action itself. The audience get the chance of a double vision during the performance: next or under the screen, they can watch the action generating the visual. As multidisciplinary project, Mylicon/En performs in events of different kinds: from electronic music festivals to vijng festivals, from art galleries to performing arts festivals. Mylicon/En released also videos presented in various festivals.